Interview for Karen Bryan from Europe a la Carte Blog

In my initial search for European travel information on the internet, I wasn’t surprised by the quantity of the content out there, but the quality. I found it hard enough to find a small number of blogs that provided readers with good tips and recommendations.

One of them I have been tracking for about a month now and I think you should keep an eye on it too. What I like about Europe a la Carte Blog is that Karen Bryan, the author, brings you her experiences and most importantly, her opinion about the places she has visited. And she does it in a way that you can get a clear picture about the place and the opportunities it offers, stating the benefits and doubts.

Covering a lot of different subjects, Europe a la Carte Blog has a clear common thread. Searching for a travel ideas, Karen will show you a lot more then just a few capitals; she will take you to places you probably haven’t thought about visiting and you will see why it’s sometimes better to visit a not-so-popular destination. Watch out for the tips and recommendations because you will never get better ones than form an experienced traveler.

Karen Bryan asked me to do an interview for Europe a la Carte Blog which I gladly accepted. We talked about the European Travelling Advisor concept, my goals for this blog and the way I perceive travel.

I would like to say once more thank you to Karen Bryan for inviting me to do a guest interview. I was my pleasure.

Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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3 Responses to “Interview for Karen Bryan from Europe a la Carte Blog”

  1. October 22, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    Stella, thanks for doing the interview and your review of the Europe a la Carte Blog.

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