Must visit places

Europe is about a lot of things. So many places, cultures, languages, people and styles to explore and enjoy. Wherever you choose to go, you will be enchanted by something that catches you in the moment and as soon as you start living and breathing as the people around you, your vacation will feel too short but nevertheless irreplaceable.

So which are those places? Is it Paris? Rome? London? Florence? Barcelona?… That’s what everybody thinks of  when we ask what are the “must visit” places for you in Europe. We all know these cities and they are at the top of the list for most travelers. Since we all know that, there is no need for me to talk to you about something that you already know. :D

I’m here to talk to you about places smaller in size but bigger, more special in impression or feeling they create. Places that take you to another time, sweep you of your feet with their charm or just make your heart beat a little faster because of great design, shopping, amazing food or views. Places that you might not have heard of or you might not find while walking the streets. Those are the places that you will enjoy, that will help you experience the spirit of the city and remember your trip as a more special one.

I hope that you will enjoy more in reading about and finding these little places rather than chasing popular demands. Because that’s what travel is all about; taking what you like the most of the city, or any place and enjoy it, make is your own, make it your unique experience…

Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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