Thoughts on (Christmas) travel

Everyone that is a part of travel industry has “an obligation” to write about Christmas and Christmas travel in a way it’s been done for such a long time. It became “an obligation” only because they made it one. As far as I know, travelers didn’t ask of them to do it, they didn’t force them. And every year thousands of magazines, websites and bloggers write the same stories, talk about the same subjects and put up the same pictures. You get bored. We all get bored! Don’t you just ignore them all??!

The second thing that happens is that they all start talking about some “exotic” destinations. This year, I’ve seen articles about Mexico, Indonesia, Nevada…and some other crazy destinations that have nothing to do with this time of year.

Isn’t it all about your opinion, your view of Christmas?

Christmas is not here or there. It’s where you find it in little things…in a cafe you coincidentally find and like, in a certain room of a certain hotel, in a park that looks special in winter time, in skating under bright Christmas lights, in shopping at a fancy department store. Your winter dream, your Christmas dream.

In the way that travel agencies and travel magazines present it, makes it boring, it makes them boring. There is never anything new; you read and re-read the same lines, about the same places every year. Don’t you think you can write those articles too?!

I’m asking what’s new? What’s different? What’s special? That’s what I want to know. Don’t you? And don’t ask me, what is in my opinion, a great Christmas travel destination, or any time anyway. I’m telling you now, I don’t know. I can only share my knowledge and my ideas. That is where you come in and find yourselves in small specifics – that’s when you put the pieces together, you take all the things that appeal to you and combine them together. That’s called travelling, because that’s when you enjoy it and remember it. It’s not a pin on a map or a country added to a number in your head.

And if you get to a point when you don’t know how to put all the pieces together, you can always ask me for advice…

I can’t write about Christmas travel the way that they do. I had a day when I made myself do it. It wasn’t a mistake, it only showed me it wasn’t my thing; it’s not my philosophy, it didn’t make me feel good. It was fake. I don’t write about places I haven’t visited, I don’t give my opinion about something I don’t know. I let others do it. Because I don’t want you to fake your travel. I want to help you find what you like about travelling and help you decide with the stories I tell and the places I show you. I want you to create your own travel experience and remember it for a long time with a big smile on your face. :D

Be creative…you can make it magical! ;)

Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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2 Responses to “Thoughts on (Christmas) travel”

  1. December 1, 2008 at 7:22 am

    Thank you for being honest :-) As what the great Jim Rohn said, “Learn to say NO! To the good, so you can say YES! To the GREAT! Be unpopular when necessary. Never be ashamed of what you believe.”

    Giovanna Garcia

  2. 2 Stella Stopfer
    December 1, 2008 at 9:58 am

    Thank you Giovanna for the encouragement and for agreeing with me. It means a lot to get a confirmation for my work.

    Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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