Berlinale Film Festival 2009

This morning, tickets for one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe went on sale. The 59th Berlinale Film Festival opens on February 5 and lasts till February 15.

Berlin traditionally opens the winter term and partially serves as a European premiere for American film just before the Oscars. Berlinale came forward, during the last seven years, on the map of Europe and hosts today the largest audience of any film festival in the world, around 200,000 viewers. With up to 400 films every year of every genre, lenght and format, it’s comes as no surprise that it attracts the audience from around the world who come to witness this spectacle.

But what would be a film festival without the awards…Silver and Golden Bears are awarded to all category winners by the international jury. The official Berlinale awards are given to winners of “Competition” (major international films), the Panorama” (independent and art-house cinema), the “Forum” (experimental section), the Generation” (aimed at young audiences) section and Alfred Baner Prize for a film that opens new perspectives in the art of filmmaking. As well as Berlinale Shorts section and Christal Bears for the “Generation” section. In earlier years of Berlinale, the audience was the highest jury; but since the festival was given an “A-status”, the international jury became the highest even though the audience still has a possibility to vote.

Berlinale Film Festival poster

Festival films will be shown in a number of cinemas around Berlin as it’s written in the programme. Tickets can be bought on central ticket counter every day (starting today, February 2), through Eventim network with € 2 surcharge or they can be booked online (limited amount) with € 1,50 surcharge. Tickets range from €3-€15, depending where the film is shown.

Berlinale hosts films for all parts of Europe and the world every year. Though, it seams like it’s gaining it’s popularity for a combination of European directors and Hollywood actors.

None the less, it’s a great opportunity for all film enthusiasts to visit and enjoy Berlin during this two-week period.

Some of this year’s competitors:

Mei Lanfang (Chen Kaige, China)

Eden e a l’ouest/Eden is west (France, Greece, Italy)

Mammorth (Sweden)

Tatarak (Poland)

In the electrical mist (France, USA)

Berlinale has introduced and offers another advantage; guests and visitors are able to receive all contents of this year’s film festival on their mobile phone as well as a guide for an interesting selection of galleries, museums, wellness spots, and other sights. Everything is going online and is getting more accessible. Congrats to Berlinale organization!

Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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4 Responses to “Berlinale Film Festival 2009”

  1. February 2, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Hi Stella .. that was interesting to read about the Berlinale festival .. I’ve seen a few films put forward by our film society that have come out of the avant garde section of the Berlin film festival .. in fact some excellent ones .. so I expect I’ll get to see one of the films being shown there this year .. in due course.

    Are you going .. & will you see any of the films?

  2. 2 Stella Stopfer
    February 2, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    I’m definitely interested in films since I’ve been working on some films with some friend since school so the passion stuck with me so to speak. I’m still not sure, I’m thinking about it, maybe I’ll go for a few days. It’s a great chance to see Berlin! If I do, I’ll write post about the festival and the city, for sure.

    Thanks Hilary!

    Stella – European Travelling Advisor

  3. February 4, 2009 at 2:08 am

    Hi Stella,
    what a great insight to the world of travel. When that point in time comes for me to do some international traveling I will certainly consult your site. Thank you Jerry

  4. 4 Stella Stopfer
    February 4, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Hi Jerry,

    just wanted to say thank you and that I’m glad you like it and find it helpful.

    You’re always welcome!

    Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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