Travelling – staying in touch with the world

Travelling is a way of staying in touch with the world, of following the changes, of finding that perfect place. In our “quest” to absorb the foreign world around us, we travel every day…we read a book, a magazine, visit an exhibition. Travelling is a way of gathering information. If you’re not away somewhere, you are preparing yourself in a way; doesn’t matter  if you have a definite date or no.

Every time you take a magazine or  a book and  just leaf through and find a happening, a story, that is of interest to you, remember it. The next time you decide to travel, recall of those things – that is what you should do or where you should go. Organize your trip from those little parts. In my experience, it always works out the best. Yes, I will still see some of the usual sights, go shopping…whatever is “inevitable” but only because it’s what you like.

Northern Ireland

For example, when I went to Ireland, I set out to have a different experience. Before going, and even knowing I was going to take that trip, I read about the legends, seen many many photos, fell in love with the green, the shores, the cliffs… when the time came, I didn’t take the usual bus tour around castles. One of the days spent in Ireland, me and my friends took a roadtrip and went to places we wanted to go to, those we explored. We went and searched for places that no one would have shown us. So, a thousand kilometers, hundreds of photos, runs on the beaches and standing on the high edges amazed by the strong and painstaking ocean later I got the best experience of my life. I felt so happy and exhilarated because that was – me.

Do you know what experiences inspire you the most? Do you ever go that extra mile to have the greatest time even though you might be afraid or instead of saying: “Nah…that’s just not for me…I’m not going to do that…”

Stella – European Travelling Advisor

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2 Responses to “Travelling – staying in touch with the world”

  1. February 5, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Stella .. that’s an interesting idea & so sensible .. we travel all the time, even if we just look at a picture, or near a news item .. it can well awaken our interest in something.

    I can understnd your loving Ireland .. I went when I was 21 and met up with my best friend and we just travelled around & found a b&b at night .. it was a few years ago .. and had a wonderful time .. we went everywhere.

    I’ve always hated being put in a box & doing what everyone else does .. it’s great to see different things, meet the locals and just get out & about expereriencing the country or town ..

    Being ourselves is the most important thing to be able to be in this life .. Well done thanks for the info & wonderful picture! – Hilary

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